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Writing Career and Achievements

Freelance Writer Career

More about Myself as a Writer

I have an undergraduate degree in Economics from Portsmouth University and an MSc in International Banking and Finance from the University of Salford. I’ve lived in the UK for the last 17 years. I have been writing dissertations for myself and my friends for 7 years. I always achieve at least a 2:1 for my work and if I have more than three days for a 10,000 word dissertation, then I usually obtain a 1st class. Learning something new and solving problems is my passion. I have written around 20 dissertations this year and completed hundreds of assignments.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My main strength is my flexibility. I have learned that work conditions change from day to day and all through the day, as well, regardless of where I have worked in the past. In addition, I have realised that particular projects require individual attention whereas others require teamwork approach. These are only some examples of the changes that occur in the custom writing field, as you are well aware. My flexibility to adjust to the various demands of the job has enabled me to exceed my clients’ expectations.

Furthermore, over the last 7 years I have learnt to cover most subjects, my strongest being Economics, Finance and Business (including derivations of these subjects, such as options/futures/credit derivatives; econometrics; environment; business plans etc.). Additionally, over the last three years I have learnt to love accounting, management, politics and HRM. The only subjects I don’t feel comfortable with are History (I need about 2 weeks); Music (not my subject at all) and PhD Maths (I need about a month to finish the research).

What makes you an expert academic research writer?

I believe that I am an outstanding research writer since I am knowledgeable in planning an essay or a research paper. I understand the practice of developing and organising one’s ideas, to deliver a clear as well as persuasive argument or dissertation. A lot of students enrol in the university devoid of realising that the key to a successful essay is organisation as well as thoughtful research. My research papers hold a smooth, consistent flow that guides the reader from introduction to conclusion. Additionally, I love the process of developing an idea into a research paper, plus I am extremely comfortable with employing a range of sources to collect strong evidence for the dissertation. I believe that my expertise in research methods as well as ability to discern reliable resources from undependable ones will prove valuable as an editor with Essay Job.

How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?

Within one year with the company I hope to have advanced to a level 2 academic writer and will hopefully have attained a level 3. This will enable me to undertake more daily responsibilities as well as enable me to develop my skill base. I hope my work to be positively reviewes on academic paper reviews websites like

Describe your typical work style.

My day starts at 7 a.m. I love to work collaboratively, have my day well scheduled and always ensure I get the most vital tasks done early. In terms of communication, while I do my work best when alone, I like input as well as feedback in due course. Also, I tend to provide the overview along with some supporting information. Lastly, I will work as late as required to get the work completed in time.

What do you do in your spare time?

During my spare time I love to travel globally as well as learn about different cultures as much as possible. I recently discovered that running clears my head thus I like to run at least 2 times per week.