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Conversation with a Happy Research Writer


Let us in on you, where are you from? Who are you?

They call me Jamal. This is the identity that was conferred to me on the day that I breathed my first twenty six years ago. These rich native names are partly American and partly Spanish. I do not identify strongly with any of the above nativities for two reasons; nobody cares where we are from as much as the impact one leaves on a fellow human being. That is what lingers longer, resonates louder. The second reason is I was raised, schooled and socialized in predominantly metropolitan societies. My “background” and culture are not things that I hold dear. I find that they do not make me less of a relatively reasonable and functional human being.

What is your educational background? What is your take on the system of education?

I currently graduated from the American Methodist University with a degree in Business Management, Accounting and Finance major. Honestly, pie charts, figures, the stock market, the dollar, shilling, yen, pound, naira or rand do not accelerate my heart rate or blow my skirt. I took up accounting and finance to challenge myself. Because I was poor at math in high school, I wanted to prove a point. To whom in particular I have no idea. I strongly suspect that my decision to study something that I know very well I was poor at stemmed from a sense of pride which is quite unfortunate. Also, money was being paid in bucket loads to sponsor my education. I might as well have studied a “good” course. The thing that interests me the most is human behavior, mental health, and wellness. I love writing too. In that case, I probably should have studied Psychology or Communication. The journey was however worth every setback, tear and times that I wanted to throw my hands in the air and give up. I met friends that I still hold dear. The acquisition of knowledge through the conventional system of learning is never a waste of time in my opinion. I dream for an education system that is more utility based than performance and competition based. All knowledge is relevant. Plus, I am smarter and more knowledgeable than I was three years ago. Now that I understand myself better, I am working on studying what I am best at and enjoying it! That is about it where my education is concerned.

What do you in your spare time?

In my spare time, I converge with young visionaries who intend to transform their country into something that future generations would be proud of. I share in that vision. Reading. I love to read, for informative or entertainment purposes. It is almost like travel. The reader gets to go to places (in their mind) that they probably never will set foot in. Reading expands the imagination as much as vocabulary. Isn’t it strange though, how once one learns a new word, it suddenly seems to appear everywhere; in conversations, the papers and advertisements?

Why do you think/believe that you are an excellent research writer?

Belief is derived from the word “lief” which actually means, happy or content. Belief is therefore a very personal subject matter. It is my belief that I am an excellent research writer because I enjoy it. I have taken time to develop a six hundred word write up divulging information about me in order to do what I love, shy as I am. I do not know whether my detestation of poor grammar has anything to do with qualifying one as an excellent writer. But I ensure that I do not torture any reader with hideous grammar.


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