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Homework: Why Students Dislike It

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Homework refers to the task assigned to students of a given class during a period of supervised study in a course group or outside the class. In the present day society, majority of students hold a negative perception regarding attending to their homework (Mayer). It spreads in all the levels of education. There exist various reasons why majority of the students hate doing homework.

First, in the view of Lapointe, students dislike homework because it is time-consuming. Usually, most of the time to be used for homework is perceived as being unproductive. Reason being, they commit most of their time towards finishing their homework (Lapointe,). Furthermore, since homework involves attending to an assignment at a personal level, it possesses a significant challenge to the development of a student’s social life. There is likely to be a great possibility of a student being more committed to grasping concepts that were unclear to them. Stern asserts that homework has minimal effect on the performance of a student. Reason being, there exist minimal reliable research findings of any effect of homework on a given student's results. The author further illustrates by claiming that teachers still agree to whether a student does their homework or not, they can still succeed in exams (Stern).

Second, there is a lack of inspiration. Motivation plays a vital role towards attaining success in whichever educational field. In the occasion of unavailability, a student is likely to be disinterested in aspects relating to education. Slight efforts by students ought to be recognized by both the parents and the teachers. Minimal or no motivation for students easily demoralizes them from attending to their homework. Because of no relation to education that gives them, the morale to be committed to their homework (Trent International). Additionally, students fear submitting homework due to the assumption that it is not right.

Third, there is the availability of unnecessary force about studying. The number of parents who are mindful of the grades and possible career of their children continuously instill the pressure on their children. For illustration, after the arrival of a student in their various homes their parents always urge them to work harder. The followup always involves making sure that pupils complete their assignments. Therefore, through constantly bothering a student about doing their homework without emotional support makes them hate homework (Trent International).

Finally, many students dislike homework because of its nature of mistrust. In both schools and homes, there exist rules, which are perceived by all the affected individuals as being even. Furthermore, these rules do not correlate with each other. However, homework bridges this set of independent rules. Reason being, it extends beyond two systems of rules. Consequently, it is likely to interfere with the two kinds of relationship and create mistrust among the concerned factions. In addition, teachers usually introduce homework with an already formed opinion of mistrust. The issuing of homework is based on suspicion since it does not create a right impression leaving the students all by themselves. For that reason, teachers bring in homework with expressing fear or mistrust that the students might cheat. Moreover, most of the teachers view homework as a means identifying students who have been concentrating clearly this adds to the sense of mistrust.

In conclusion, undoubtedly there exist various reasons why most of the students dislike doing homework. First, it is regarded as being time-consuming. Second, the unavailability of inspiration makes students hate homework. Third, the existence of unnecessary force concerning academic matters usually makes students hate homework. Finally, majority of pupils dislikes the homework because its issuance is because of teacher-student mistrust.


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