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Can an Academic Degree Help in Professional Life?

Academic Degree

There exists varied perceptions of professionalism and obtaining of academic degrees. For some individuals, the whole notion has been pinned down to Bill Gates making it big yet he does not have a good academic background. For some individuals, the current President of the United States of American has remained an admirable feature hence, the need for an academic degree for professionalism. On the contrary, the whole idea for Bill Gates making it big should be based on his determination, however, Bill Gates has advisors, and they are all professional in the area assigned. For example, an academic chief expert with a master’s degree is in charge of technological developments and this applies to all the top ranked positions. The following examples give an in-depth demonstration of the importance of an academic degree in the world of professionalism.

First without professionalism, there are some sectors that would not thrive. For example, the business industry is full of academic graduates. The business industry requires administrators, finance managers, human resource personnel’s, skilled labor, business management department and economic controller. It is only through the influence of such professional skills that the industry can thrive. Financial management is crucial for the continuous operation and self-regulating system. Without a controlled budget, a company may run into a failure case scenario hence rendering a business system ineffective by nature. It is only through professional and enhanced academic knowledge that processing of products and skilled labor can be achieved.

In addition, Professionalism is required for all the activities that are carried out. Even layman’s grocery shop can only thrive under professional development. The skills of retaining a customer and customer satisfaction are entirely based on an individual’s education background. As much as there are cases that some individuals have not obtained an academic degree, there are very few cases that such individuals have successfully managed to overcome the pressure of demand and supply at specific periods. Most of these individuals have instead sort to get an academic degree in order to enhance their knowledge on product branding, retaining of returning clients and employees. Under such circumstances, success is inevitable and through professionally oriented goals there is bound to be better progressive development.

In as much as some areas may be run by slowly developed professionalism, there are some sectors that require professional actions from the start. One area is the medical profession. From the physicians that used, physiotherapist, psychotherapist and surgeons, no capacity can be filled by a non-professional individual. The machines that are operated by dentist only require skilled and qualified professionals. The use of professional individual is critical to the medical society since any unqualified action can either save or diminish a life. The lives are entirely dependent on the medicine administered which only can be achieved through adequate knowledge that is achieved. This is the area that biochemists are an essential component of the medical profession. Most of the qualified biochemists have only achieved such positions through the acquiring an academic degree.

In summary, an academic degree is an essential component incorporated into the professional world. Without an academic degree, the required effectiveness and success may not be achieved as required by a specific company. It is, therefore, inevitable that, every individual should strive to obtain an academic degree for developmental goal oriented purposes. A business industry can only blossom through an effective operation run by professionalism of the highest caliber. On the other hand, for medical practitioners, it is mandatory that an individual has an academic degree in order to run certain procedures. Therefore, an academic degree is an essential component of professionalism.

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